What we do...

Duffy & James Technology Group is a full service consulting and development firm providing more than just websites. We have the skills and experience to recommend and implement the right solution for your needs and will work with you from concept to complete to ensure success.

We pride ourselves in being the leaders of the industry in both development and consulting services including Microsoft web and software technologies (ASP.NET, .NET, WPF, WinForms), responsive web design, custom application development, CMS solutions, and eCommerce.

Our Services

Strategy and Consulting

Duffy & James Technology Group is a one-stop shop for all technology consulting services including the following topics:

Project Recovery

Sometimes things just don’t work out - people have differences of opinion or expectations that simply can’t be resolved in a mutually agreeable way. These days it seems like everyone is a programmer or a web designer and advancements in technology have made it easier to create very impressive LOOKING results that can easily fool or mislead you as to the actual quality of the work, which can be especially dangerous. Or you were lured in with cheap rates and promises of quality, only to find out that sometimes you really do get what you paid for. If any of these sound like what happened to you - just know that you’re not alone and that it happens a lot more frequently that you might think

The first thing that needs to happen is for you to have a solid understanding of the status of your project and any assets that come with it. We will work with you to pick up the pieces and take stock of what is what. What is worth saving and can be salvaged? What needs to be thrown out or recreated? As much as these discussions may not yield the answers that everyone wants to hear, we will be giving you the honest answers that are the foundation for success where the project previously failed.

Once we and you have a good understanding of where things stand, we can help you decide how to move forward. Whether this involves working with the existing code and design assets and correcting or finishing the project, or starting over with a planning and architecture phase so the project can be done the right way, we will work with you to provide a clear solution and a plan to finally bring your project to reality.

Project Discovery

You have your big idea all thought out, but now it’s time to turn it into reality and have us build it for you. Where do you even begin? Things that may seem simple to you may in fact be just the opposite from a programmatic or development standpoint, while things that seem incredibly difficult to you may be a simple task using technology. The project discovery phase is where our team and yours come together and explore the various facets of the project and lay out an initial document that outlines the project requirements so that all stakeholders are informed and understand the scope and effort required for the overall project.

Project discovery consists of a meeting or series of meetings to discuss the project with any stakeholders you deem necessary. We involve the appropriate members of our team to bring their expertise to the conversation and ensure that we ask the right questions to expose the necessary details of the project goals so that an understanding of the project from both a business and technical standpoint can be reached. Depending on the size and scope of the project this could take anywhere from several hours to multiple days and serves as a base of understanding and confidence that the project is going to be a success.

Even for small projects we recommend going through a discovery phase just to be certain that everyone understands the expectations and outcomes, and that this information can be documented to avoid any confusion down the line. The discovery process does not need to be a formal or overly drawn out process and is meant to help safeguard your project and make sure we can add you to our list of satisfied clients!

Lets sit down over coffee and get to know each other. With our experienced team of project managers and designers, we'll turn your great ideas into reality.

Planning and Architecture

Even a simple website project can become overly complicated or mismanaged if not given the proper planning and organization and this only becomes more true as the scope and complexity of the projects increase. Time, resources, and cost can be misallocated if there is a lack of planning, details can be missed, and subsequently the results suffer. By spending the time to plan and organize up front, all parties involved have a better understanding of the scope of work and effort involved and can approach all subsequent phases accordingly with the emphasis being put on the appropriate pieces.

The planning and architecture phase of a software development or website project does not have to be an overly complex or drawn out process. We do not believe in 'meetings for the sake of meetings' or taking a simple project and adding overhead where it is not needed. Instead, we approach each project individually and will recommend a level of planning and documentation that will provide a framework for project success.

This phase first and foremost consists of information sharing, with all parties involved gaining an appropriate understanding of the project scope. For clients this may be understanding the limitations of technologies or expanding on the aspects of the project that they thought they had worked out all details for while in fact there had been a lot of assumptions made which now need to be clarified. For our team, this will be where we gain a better understanding of the goals, any business logic, the user types and expected interactions and so on.

We will then take this information and understanding and put together documentation which outlines the scope of work, including as much detail as appropriate for the project. Complex, custom applications could require dozens of pages outlining the complex rules, interactions, and functions on each piece, involving code as well as database structure and function, while a simple website could just outline the type of content to be shown on a page and any interactions visitors might have with it.

Measure twice, cut once. We have an excellent process to help get out all of the details of your project. Proper planning is the first step towards success!

Web & App Consulting

You’re not a web focused, code writing, database building, next ‘it’ App building ninja… or maybe you are and you need some assistance or a second opinion. Let us put our years of experience and expertise to work for you so that you don’t have to be something you’re not. Do you have a question or idea that doesn’t quite match with one of our listed services? Give us a call or send us an email and let’s see if there’s a fit. If there is - great! If there isn’t - we’ll be honest with you and either recommend someone we have worked with and trust, or deliver that bad news that it just wouldn’t be a good project for us to work together on and hopefully something will come up in the future and you’ll remember us.

We are a bunch of technology geeks who love building things for the web and we have over a decade of experience developing applications. Lets get to work.


Duffy & James Technology Group can be your on demand development team. We are here for you if you need to augment your staff with some extra development help or if you need us to completely development your project. Our team is flexible to work with you and your needs including the following:

Custom Web App Development

How can the web and technology be working more effectively for your business? We develop custom applications to empower businesses and their teams to work smarter.

There are many programming languages available today, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Some are better suited to particular applications while others can be interchanged from a practical standpoint fairly readily. Some of the major programming languages / technologies we work with are:

  • Microsoft ASP.NET
    (MVC, WebForms, Core in both C# and VB)
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • Knockout.JS, Bootstrap
  • HTML
  • PHP

Custom Website Development and Integrations

Your website is an always available sales tool that is often the first thing people see about you. What does your website say about you? Is it doing all that it could be for you?

What if you need to integrate with an outside system, or another in-house system? What if you have specific use cases or business requirements for a site? What do you do then?

Our team of expert developers, database architects, user interface designers, and project managers will work with you to determine the right solution for your exact needs and then see it through to completion. The result will be a site that accomplishes your goals without the restrictions and often necessary compromises that using an off-the-shelf solution would require.

Front End Web Development

Websites are more impressive than ever today, with functionality and features that weren't possible even 5 years ago. Our team has the skills and expertise to bring the web to life.

While the technologies have continued to evolve and grow, they are still just tools that can be used to create things. These tools require the skills and experience to be properly put to use, and only can you achieve the results that users expect and are used to seeing around the web.

You and your users see websites that scroll, appear, adjust, and feature interactive elements, all lined up perfectly. We see front end frameworks such as Foundation 5 or Bootstrap, parallax scrolling, jQuery elements, and SASS or LESS for complex yet easily updated styles. The skills, knowledge, and expertise of our team are what enable us to use the technologies available and produce the end results that you and your website visitors have come to expect.

Database Architecture

The storage and analysis of data continues to grow as our lives become more connected, and with that comes greater security and other concerns. Trust your data with our team of experts.

Technologies such as Microsoft's SQL Server and MySQL are two very popular examples of database technologies in use today. Others include MongoDB, posgreSQL, Microsoft Access, and MariaDB. We have team members who are experienced using any of these technologies, but specifically are certified and trained extensively using Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL.


Online shopping, or ecommerce, continues to grow each year. If you are not selling your items online you are potentially doing yourself a great disservice.

We are your E-commerce and online shopping website experts. Not only do we have the experience of working with many of the most common e-commerce platforms such as Drupal Commerce, Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce we also have experience with many different hardware terminals including Verifone.

We will review the needs of your business and provide recommendations on all aspects of creation and implementation of the site - from the platform to build on, to design choices and configuration options. We will then build a site that is tailored to your specific requirements, both in functionality and design, so that you end up with a professional, functional, and secure storefront to offer your products to customers.

Mobile Website and Apps

It seems like everyone has their face glued to their phones or tablets these days. If your website isn't ready for this, chances are you are losing visitors.

Mobile web traffic has surpassed that of traditional desktop computers - the age of mobile computing is certainly upon us. While it may seem like every business and brand has an 'App' these days, it may not necessarily be the right solution for you. Depending on your needs and budget, a properly created mobile website could be the right solution instead, eliminating some of the additional headaches that come with getting your app developed, approved, and listed in the various marketplaces.

We will review your project's specific needs and requirements and explain the various options you have available for the creation of your mobile website or app - the pros and cons of each along with costs and other factors, to help you make an informed decision.

Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems, or CMS Websites for short, refer to sites built with a centralized administrative or admin console where the actual website content is stored in a database and then displayed on the site on the appropriate pages, versus having content on the page files themselves. Rather than a 1 to 1 relationship between pages of the site and files, a CMS stores the data about each page within a database, and then presents that content to the user based on what URL they are on.

Wordpress, Drupal, DNN, Orchard CMS, Joomla, oh my! Could moving your website to a CMS (Content Management System) be a good fit for your needs, saving you time and cost?

While it may seem that using a CMS is always a good idea, there are certain instances where it may not be the right solution. For example, for a simple informational website a CMS may be overkill and add unnecessary complexity and cost. Or for a complex site with numerous specific feature requirements, a standard CMS solution may not be the most effective solution as compared to a custom developed product. We will work with you to analyze your exact needs and specifications and recommend the right solution for your project.

Maintenance and Support

Duffy & James Technology Group has maintained some on-going projects for over TEN years. Our staff are experts in custom software and website maintenance projects.

Website and Application Maintenance

Do you have a website or application that needs to be updated or improved, but your current or previous developer is no longer available for one reason or another?

Are you thinking about replacing your application or website and starting over because the current version appears to need too much of an upgrade?

We talk to people all the time who are in situations like this - and are proud to say they almost always become clients after speaking with us. Our team of expert developers excels at working with legacy code and understanding existing sites and applications so they can then make recommendations for updates or upgrades, and continue to support your site or application without the need to completely start over.


Duffy & James Technology Group excels in custom web and database hosting through our dedicated servers provided by RackSpace, the leader in the hosting industry.

Web Hosting

There is nothing more frustrating than a great website or application that doesn't work because the hosting can't keep up. Whether it's due to insufficient resources, an inability to handle the traffic to the site, or sharing a server with too many other sites, there are many pitfalls that ruin an otherwise great website or application.

Through our affiliation with Rackspace Hosting and experience with various other hosting providers we will review your site or application's needs and recommend the right hosting option to match. Whether it's Windows based or Linux, from shared hosting options, to cloud and VPS, all the way up to dedicated servers, our team will take the time to evaluate and understand your needs and make the right recommendation.

We talk to people all the time who are in situations like this - and are proud to say they almost always become clients after speaking with us. Our team of expert developers excels at working with legacy code and understanding existing sites and applications so they can then make recommendations for updates or upgrades, and continue to support your site or application without the need to completely start over.

Email Hosting

Moving your email to a hosted solution through Duffy & James Technology Group and our hosting partner Rackspace allows you to gain the power, flexibility, and reliability of a business class email system without the headaches and overhead of running an email server internally - while still having a dedicated point of contact should you ever have any questions or issues.

From connectivity or power outages, to maintenance and licenses, running an email server such as Microsoft Exchange or any other popular software options can be a daunting task when you and your business rely on email for communications. This is where we can help!

Through our partnership we are able to offer the following services:

Standard Email Service:

  • Secure POP/IMAP and SMTP Connection
  • Ad free and private email system
  • Full featured webmail client to access your email from any web connected browser
  • Custom Domain (Email@YourDomain.com)
  • 25GB mailbox storage
  • Updated anti-spam and anti-virus scans to protect your users
  • Deleted message retrieval options
  • Unlimited User Aliases (incoming only email addresses)
  • Optional Advanced Mobile Sync and Email Archiving (Additional fees apply)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional Database Administrator (SQL Server)
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • CompTIA A+ Certified and Network + Certified